Concorso Benefici Universitari

who we are
A.R.S.S.U. (Regional Authority for School and University Services) has its head office in Via San Vincenzo, 4 16121 GENOA, (website: A.R.S.S.U. was founded by the Liguria Region with the Regional Law n.15 of 8.06.2006 (partly modified by the Regional Law n.18 of 11.05.2009) in order to adapt its legislation to the provisions of the Law 390/91, establishing the regulations in force for the right to university studies (artt. 3 and 34 of the Constitution).

The branches of A.R.S.S.U. Liguria are as follows:

- The Board of Directors is composed of a University Representatives, two Region Representatives and a Student Representative. The Board of Directors is appointed by decree of the President of the Regional Council and it is presided by the President, who summons it on his own initiative or on demand of the Chief Executive or at least of two Councillors, fixing the items on the agenda for every related session. The President is appointed by the President of Liguria Region in agreement with the University Rector. The Board of Directors holds policy and supervisory powers.

- The Chief Executive is appointed by the Regional Council, and he/she ordinarily takes part to the sessions of the Board of Directors. He/she holds the legal representation of A.R.S.S.U., adopting every act deliberated by the Board and by the Regional Council. The Chief Executive holds executive power.

- The Auditor is appointed by the Regional Council and he/she handles the accounting and financial administration of A.R.S.S.U.. Our Administration Offices include the Line Offices, handling the services for the public, and the Staff Offices, that are responsible for the good functioning of the Administration.
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